5G Network

We tailored our network services to improve network communications, network switches, neural network, network chips, and to enhance mobile communication efficiency by way of photonic/plasmonic network with applied substrate materials.

We provide diversified virtual network that includes virtual routers connectivity through virtual links and optical chips to enable a range of different communication services and applications using a variety of protocols. Our applications include communication network and network services using light and body-to-body connectivity, multiplexers, photo detectors, and lasers.

Provides enhance services to remote places to enable faster and efficient connectivity for devices, Internet, and other networks. Provides a network that carries data across atmosphere at very high bandwidths and in high data capacity. We provide short distance and long distance connectivity for high data transmission with efficiency.

Provide radio over fiber for millimeter wave applications via photonic transmitters affixed with photodiodes for communication with CMOS multiple antennas on chip. Our 5G network encompasses four modes of communications -data transmission, Cell phone connectivity, wireless Internet applications, and Global communication and information.

The network that converts light into usable communication signals to enable communication and data transmission efficiency. Capability for energy harvesting, for voice communications, for datacenter applications, and for network applications. Network application that includes Li-Fi, photonic network, vehicular network, body-to-body network, fiber wireless network "Fi-Wi," -plasmonic network, and photonic generation of millimeter wave for high speed broadband communication and for point-to-point wireless local network applications.