Energy Harvesting Smartphones, Tablets, and Cases

Our energy harvesting communication devices are designed to include interactive user interface and CMOS multiple antennas on chip. The CMOS multiple antennas are disposed with software for boosting signal receptions and for providing faster data transmission speed. Our energy harvesting communication devices encompass three modes of communications- the cell phone, wireless Internet applications, and global communication and media information. Our vision to innovate includes enhancing mobile communication efficiency and enabling integration with a non-chattering touch sensitive display disposed with energy harvesting cell platform. The cell platform is in communication with a charging circuit board configured with memories, processors, sensors, and modules to amplify gaming apps, wireless media apps, electro chromic substrates, clusters, sensors network, and connected flexible Internet of things “FIOT.”

Our materials are not limited to silicon substrates, thin films, piezoelectric, nano-fiber/microfiber, polymer substrates, field propagation gate array “FPGA”, meta-material substrate, carbon char, carbon black, plasmonic substrates, photonic substrates, and other Energy Harvesting Smartphones, Tablets, and Cases materials with excellent electrical characteristics. We have also developed millimeter wave network and vehicular network to expedite the evolution for data transmission of FIOT. Our smartphone cases are designed to also boost signal reception for smartphones and to harvest energy within its surroundings.

Our receivers are programmable photonic processors "PPP" and programmable photonic units "PPPU" which are disposed with multiple waveguide for mobile applications. The programmable photonic processors/programmable photonic processing units are disposed with software codes and instructions for manipulating electrical signals and for converting the electrical signals into data stream for transmission to computer or mobile devices.

Our Li-Fi is configured for illumination by light for metamaterial integration to exhibit a tunable transmittance at terahertz frequencies, enabling smartphones to communicate with each other providing a body-lo body networks (BBNs). With our BBNs, video data are shared person to person and routed to any smartphone, tablets, mobile electronic device, or computer. A mobile application that boost signal reception. We boost signal reception to provide stronger signals to protect the cell phone from signal radiation and to provide communication clarity.