Ticket to Work Program

In extending the reach of our services to partner with the SSA as an Employment Network as per the requirements in the RFQ, Premier Healthcare believes that every disabled citizen has unique and specialized needs that require special approaches, expertise and talents in rekindling them back to active service in the workforce in their various communities and moving them from being dependent to independent. Our primary goal is to assist these populations to return to their optimal state of well being and maximum potential and to encourage, redirect, and motivate them to use their God’s given potential to the best of their ability to live normal lives like responsible American citizens.

Premier Health Services, Inc. is proposing to create a program to serve a diverse population, including those who are funded by DSS and those who are receiving disability benefits and participating in the Ticket-To-Work program. Premier Health Services, Inc. is striving to integrate those diagnosed with mental as well as physical disabilities into the community through employment. PHS, INC. believes that all people regardless of their disability can work, and contribute to their community, when given the opportunity, training, and supports that can build their strengths.

For those individuals funded though DDS who have a diagnosis of mild or moderate mental retardation and those enrolled in the Tick-To-Work program, employment will be the first option considered.

PHS, INC. shares the vision of both DDS and the Tick-To-Work Program that quality of life can be achieved by the promotion of self-reliance and independence that can be gained by securing successful community employment.

PHS, INC. realizes the importance of the individuals reaching economic self-sufficiency through earning wages and benefits, having the opportunity to build their assets, exploring and developing a career path, engaging in negotiation and terms of their employment, engaging in aspects of the work environment, developing their vocational skills, building and maintaining connections and relationships, all through having access through the support services and job coaching that PHS, INC. will provide.

Premier Health Institute

Premier Health Services, INC. is currently applying for licenses to open training institutes in D.C., Maryland and Virginia to serve the growing needs for professional training in the areas of CNA’s, HHA’s, LPN’s , Medtechs and Pharmtechs to satisfy the growing requirements of the first baby boomers who are due retirement during 2011 and onward.

With ever longer live expectancies; this sector shall remain a service area for high employment. Premier Home Health, Inc already has been providing employment and services in the home health Aide and people with mental and physical disabilities since 2002. Since the company continually has admissions/new intakes as well as new individuals with disabilities, there is a permanent portfolio of new jobs in the CAN/HHA sector where the company operates.