Solar Energy

Our solar cell includes substrate solar cell for generating renewable electrical energy. The substrate solar cell comprises sensors; energy management apparatus for retrieving data and for managing energy. Our solar cell further includes substrate nanostructure comprising silicon nanofiber and plasmonic nanostructure. The substrate nanostructure is further disposed with plasmonic nanoparticles and die electric substrate. We also bring to you a patent pending solar cell consisting of photonic substrate, photonic crystalline substrate, piezoelectric substrate, thin film dye-sensitized substrate, oxide substrate, nanowire substrate arrays, opto-electric substrate having opto-electric properties, thin film substrate, and flexible nano-crystalline metal substrate each configured for light trapping.

We have incorporated optical sensor array, polymer solar cell, thin film solar cell on glass substrate, photoactive tin oxide glass substrate, tin oxide solar cell to maximize solar energy efficiency. In our approach to solar energy efficiency, we have advanced flexible substrate, transparent conducting oxide film, nanowire transparent substrate, nanostructured zinc oxide electrode, ceramic substrate, silicon nanowire glass substrate, metallic substrate, dye-sensitized substrate, ferrous-sensitized substrate, light scattering substrate, thermal evaporative multi crystalline metallic film silicon nanowire to maximize solar cell efficiency.